About down by the jetty

Down by the Jetty is a rhythm & blues band that plays in the spirit of Dr. Feelgood and dedicated to energetic pub rock. 

They strive for a raw, no-nonsense sound with strong blues influences mixed with rock 'n' roll and a touch of punk. Down by the Jetty is now known for their dynamic performances full of energy and charisma. They perform in pubs, small clubs and other intimate venues, captivating audiences with their rousing rhythms and genuine passion for music.

Down by the Jetty takes you through the musical journey of Dr. Feelgood and other related artists; Mickey Jupp, Nick Lowe, Ducks Deluxe and Nine Below Zero. 

With passion they deliver performances that exude the energy and feel of pub rock, while retaining the raw and sincere emotion of the blues.

The most important thing for Down by the Jetty is to stay true to the spirit of Dr. Feel-good and the pub rock tradition. It's all about creating a vibrant atmosphere, making the music pop and entertaining the crowd with their irresistible mix of rhythm & blues, rock and energetic live performances.

Down by the jetyy de beurs tiel  5m ei 2023

Band members

The band members of Down by the Jetty have a strong affinity with pub rock. This can be heard in the art of combining blues melodies with rousing rock mastery rhythms, creating a unique and recognizable sound.

Down by the Jetty are:

Pictures by Ron Koffeman

Rodger sperwer drummer down by the jetty pub rock coverband

Rodger Sperwer


Hennie boons drummer down by the jetty pub rock coverband

Hennie Boons


Gertjan bon drummer down by the jetty pub rock coverband

Gertjan Bon


Joni simon pena drummer down by the jetty pub rock coverband

Joni Simon Peña